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Walking in the Way is a collaborative series of performances by established visual artists Pauline Cummins and Frances Mezzetti. Since 2008 they have explored control of public space, stereotyping, masculinities, movement and presence.

The two women artists have performed Walking in the Way in Belfast, Dublin, and Edinburgh. They have also performed in London, LondonDerry, Istanbul, and Dublin, as part of the Labour Touring Show, and in Madrid, Seville, and Malaga supported by Bbeyond and Culture Ireland.

‘Walking in the way’, Leith, Edinburgh, Scotland.


WALKING IN THE WAY – Performing Masculinity

Walking in the Way is a collaborative performance series by established artists Frances Mezzetti and Pauline Cummins. They explore control of space, stereotyping, masculinities, movement and presence. Walking in the Way was first performed in Dublin in 2008 and the artists continue to probe the possibilities to date 2014.
As feminist artists who challenge essentialist fixed identities, these Irish artists seek to make visible how gender intersects with society. They pay particular attention to how small acts and movements can be re-presented and performed in and through their “gendered” bodies.
The Walking in the Way performances take place in cities where the two female artists take on the mannerism, gestures and physicality of male presence in the public arena.   The focus of each piece develops from the general to the particular and each one is unique to that city.  The development of the work is informed by key figures from the chosen community, and an important part of the research process is informed by understandings and  connections that are forged with local individuals in each of the selected cities.
The performances are observational, transient works, with a unique meaning and resolution.
10 performances have taken place in 8 different cities, Dublin, Belfast, London Edinburgh, Derry/Londonderry, Istanbul, Madrid, Seville, and Malaga.